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At Perfect Power we service more than just Porsches.  Although we are best known for our service and race preparation on Porsches, we do service Mercedes Benz, BMW, Mini, Audi, Subaru, most race cars and many custom and vintage cars.

Perfect Power vs. 'The Dealership'

Why should you bring your newer car to Perfect Power, when nobody should know more about it than the dealer?  This is a fair and excellent question, for anyone needing service on their newer car.  But the real question should be, ‘When should I bring my car the dealer, and when should I go to Perfect Power?’  Obviously, warranty issues on newer cars are one of the times that the dealership is the place to go.  For repairs out of warranty, there are other things to considerElectronic control units operate everything from the engine management to climate control, and much more, on today’s cars.  It really doesn’t matter if you have a Porsche or a Hyundai, there will be some diagnosis that will need to be made using the manufacturer’s computer tester.  Although Perfect Power has the current Porsche System Tester, to purchase each manufacturer’s computer would be financially implausible.  Many things can be checked using a generic on board diagnostics (OBD) tester.  When they can’t, our relationship with the local dealerships allows us access to the factory computers when needed.  For normal maintenance on engines, transmissions, tires and brakes, Perfect Power will not be outdone by anyone in quality or fairness.  For most maintenance on your vehicle, Perfect Power should be your first choice.  The reasons are simple:  Quality work, expertise, honesty and excellent communication. 

There is also another dimension to Perfect Power, outside of our normal services.  We can take on almost any type of special project.  Call to discuss your ideas! 


Storage Available   $200/mo.